Research: Mathematics, Mathematical logic, Computer Science and Teaching


Exploring stability and stabilizability conditions for Differences Equations Systems. This is part of joint work with Rigoberto Medina.

Subject Keywords

Discrete Systems, Dinamical Systems, Differences Equations

Mathematical Logic

Logics has been a main theme along my studies. A first encounter with logic was when I attended to a class about Foundation of Mathematics, a long this class I began to appreciate the importance of foundations, meaning the necessary bases to build a formal subject. Foundations are the starting point of all mathematics, even for those topics more applyed in nature. A consecuence of this deep and sound interest on Logic derived on my Master Thesis, where I did explorer algebraic semantics for bimodal logics.

Subject Keywords

Foundations, Logic, Mathematical Logic

Computer Science

Main focus on Higher Order Logic, specifically addressing the question of extending some decidable fragments of Higher Order Unification under Isomorphisms of Types constraints.

Subject Keywords

Higher Order Logic, Higher Order Unification, Higher Order Matching, Isomorphism of Types, Lambda Calculus, Theoretical Computer Science, Mathematical Logic.


Experiences last for more than twenty years, starting from TA, Instructor, Lecturer, to the current apointment as Assistant professor. Teaching span from math courses to computer sciences topics. I do aim to build a repository under MOODLE, place where most of teaching materials will be available for free consumption.

Subject Keywords

Discrete Mathematics, Finite Mathematics, Formal Lenguajes, Functional Programming Languages, Foundations of Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

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